I love to write and I think my writing is a very close reflection of my actual voice. My love of writing started with many deep and angst-ridden poems during adolescence. Ahhh… adolescence; I don’t miss it! Anyway, it got stored away for awhile during my transition into adulthood and then something magical happened. Combine my love of writing and laughing, and naturally, a very old and out of date blog blossomed from the merger. With a huge following of loyal friends and family and no one else, I was encouraged to pursue writing a little more seriously. I love writing. It’s how I communicate best. It’s the “place” I feel most like me.

For several years, I wrote for two freelance online columns with Examiner.com, where I was the Raleigh Pop Culture Examiner and also the National Tori Spelling Examiner. Read my interview with Chef Guy Fieri of Food Network.

I was the Cultural Blog Writer for PointSource, LLC. and a contributing blogger for AnnMarieGianni.com, as well.

Other semi-boring sample pieces include:

Personal Essay