You’re Here… So Have a Look

You may be asking:

Why am I here? I don’t know. You’ve somehow managed to find my site, and so I welcome you to explore. It’ll help pass your work day.

What can I find on your site? The answer to all of life’s toughest questions. Ok, that’s just a lie. You won’t find that here. Keep Googling. What you will find are samples of my work; my stuff. I’m versatile. Just givin’ my horn a little toot.

Who are you? I’m Jenna. I’m a creative, old soul that loves to learn and grow. The more boring answer is: I am a girl who is originally from Pittsburgh, PA (where it’s cold)¬†and now lives with her husband, daughter, and bunny in Raleigh, NC (where it’s warm). Talk about a teaser, right?! Fear not, I won’t leave you hanging. You can find out more by going to my Jenna FYI page.

Any particularly interesting facts about you? I won 2nd place in my 3rd grade spelling bee. Somehow, I managed to¬†misspell “rude”. I have a very, very debilitating addiction to chapstick. I have phobias of snakes and heights and closed spaces. Please stop talking about them.